Mellon Trading Exports, Inc.

Mellon Trading is a Swiss Company founded in 1988, active in foreign trade in the foodstuffs area, at start,mostly involved in dairy products, milk ingredients and by-products.
A strategic project widened the range of products and developed new relationships with suppliers in Brazil and some countries in Asia to provide incessant findings of new opportunities and market tendencies.
The company operates through its offices in Lausanne, Switzerland responsible for financial and banking transactions; in São Paulo, Brazil for all commercial and operational deals, one in Paris, France, to assist the customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and has an appointed agent in Argentina.
Its solid structure offers agile, creative solutions to the customers and various advantages that make it a differentiated company with renowned experience and credibility.

Commitment with customers
Mellon Trading constantly seeks the satisfaction of its customers by offering competitive prices to match their demands, establishing a direct reliable relationship to be able to supply them with high quality products, business financing and efficient logistics.
In Brazil the company is an important supplier of dairy products to a number of large food industries and companies, such as Nestlé, BRF-Brasil Foods, and Quaker-Pepsico and to many others in several regions of the country.
Mellon’s customers are located in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, West and North Africa.

Relationship with suppliers
High quality control demands the choice of the best suppliers.
Mellon has earned over the years, a long term, strong partnership with its suppliers, thus creating a reliable link between suppliers and customers in international markets.
Dairy products: Mellon has suppliers in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, U.S.A, Canada, France, Ireland, besides long time companies in Eastern Europe, some of which have become of the European Community.
Non dairy products originate from Asia (China, Malaysia, Vietnam), the South Cone, mainly Brazil followed by Argentina and Chile.

Dairy Products
Milk powder-whole and skimmed; whey powder: permeates, delactosed, demineralized, whe y protein concentrates, special blends for human use. Animal feed preparations. Caseines and caseinates. Milk Protein concentrates. Butter – sweet and salted; butter oil (AMF), buttermilk powder; lactose; condensed and evaporated milk; coffee creamer;cream milk powder; cheeses.

Agro Food ingredients
Maltodextrine, dextrose, glycerine, native and modified starches, citric acid, monosodium glutamate and a variety of ingredients for the food industry.
Others: Cocoa powder, Egg powder, Instant coffee in tins and in bulk, Frozen coffee extract for the making of ice cream and dairy desserts. Vegetable shortenings and vegetable cooking oil, tomato paste.

Range of Fruit products
Tropical fruit pulps and juices:guava, pineapple, acerola, banana, açaí, fruit of the passion, mango, orange and lemon. Apple, pear and peach. Conventional products in frozen or asseptic package conditioning.
Dried Fruit: sultanas/apricots/figs/prunes/walnuts/popcorn/ alubias


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